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Megan Taylor


My name is Megan, I am 26 years old, and I am a part-time ambulatory wheelchair user. 

I became disabled aged 15 after a traumatic head injury involving multiple skull fractures. The accident left me with a permanent visual impairment, single sided deafness, vestibular hypofunction (balance impairment), and a complex neurological disorder (FND) which affects the functioning of my Central Nervous System. This malfunction causes seizures, drop attacks, fainting episodes, limb weakness, temporary paralysis, tremors, speech difficulties and more. It was discovered that I have dysautonomia/neurocardiogenic syncope and this was the cause behind my initial collapse. In addition to all of the above I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2018, followed by Crohn’s Disease in 2020. 

I love to live a life full of adventure and adaptive sport has played a huge role in helping me to not only accept, but to truly embrace my disabilities. My favourite para-sports include cycling, sit-ski and rifle shooting. I also enjoy volunteering and currently hold four different roles: Cub Scout Leader, St John Ambulance Community Advocate, Dog A.I.D (Assistance In Disability) Trainer, and Guide Dogs Speaker. 

My biggest passions in life are my two life-changing dogs, Ruby and Rowley, to both of whom I owe my life. Ruby was initially our family pet before training with Dog A.I.D to become my Assistance Dog. She has now retired and returned to her role as family pet once more. Rowley is my current working dog and is qualified with both Dog A.I.D and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to support my multiple health needs. I blog about our life together on our page ‘Ruby and Rowley – Megan’s Superdogs’, which aims to highlight the invaluable role of working dogs and to break down the many misconceptions which exist surrounding sight loss, wheelchair use and hidden disabilities. 

Favourite Custom Propel Product

My favourite Custom Propel products (so far) are my Billy Footwear trainers. The zips are easy for my Assistance Dog to use which means that I don’t have to struggle with shoelaces when I’m experiencing hand tremors, or bend down and make myself dizzy trying to do them up. I can just ask my dog and he pulls the zips for me, picks up the shoes, and puts them into my lap. It sounds like such a small thing but on days when I’m struggling it makes all the difference!

Social media handles


Instagram: @rubyandrowleythesuperdogs