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Lauren Perry


Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m a 21 year old ambulatory wheelchair user living in Brighton. I live with Tourette’s, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and have lots of co- morbidities that come with that including POTS which means I faint regularly. I also broke my coccyx in 2017 and it didn’t ever heal properly so to keep myself safe- I use a wheelchair with power assist wheels when out the house as it means I am able to get out and about like any able- bodied person could without the debilitating fatigue and pain that comes with walking, particularly living in Brighton, where it’s so hilly!

I’m coming to the end of my time at University and am looking to see where life takes me next, without my wheelchair I’d be pretty much bed bound most of the day. Since getting my wheelchair through the support of access your life, I have been able to access some amazing opportunities through my blog, that I would’ve never dreamed of being able to do before. 

All my links are below :)

Favourite Custom Propel Product

My QT Jacket by Kinetic Balance - I absolutely love it- it’s the first thing I reach for when I need a jacket to take out with me to keep me warm particularly on the sea front and it's so well made

Social Media Handles

Please be aware I have Tourettes Syndrome & therefore phone calls can be humorous.

Facebook: @aticcersguidetolife
TikTok: @aticcersguidetolife