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Alishah Mirza


I'm an active wheelchair user who has HEDS which effects my whole body and a discoid meniscus and a neuroma in my left knee.

I am in constant pain and have some use of my legs which is limited to only being able to furniture walk and stand for a small duration.

My wheelchair is my aid and my best friend and has given me new life! I can actually go to a supermarket and actually focus on my shop rather than worrying about my leg giving way and having the added pain.

I was a nobody who would put others before myself and ended up being suicidal at 13 and had undiagnosed problems with my body but I felt so alone and neglected.

Had issues with my left knee, popping, locking, giving way - you name it... I had 3 failed operations and one of them was a cartilage transplant. It got to a point where I kept saying to the doctors, "I bet I'll be in a wheelchair because the operations are failing."

July 2019 turned my life around... No not how you would think I did... I ended up in a wheelchair after the failed cartilage transplant.

I'm here today because I took the hard route and stopped taking the easy way out.

Dedication, resilience, strength and being me.

I'm on my own with my rehabilitation journey as there is nothing the doctors can do now.

I have a discoid meniscus in my left knee, and I was recently diagnosed with HEDS a type of EDS this effects my joints and connective tissue, and this cannot be cured.

Since being in an active wheelchair I did a marathon on my homemade wheelchair trainer my partner and his dad built me.

I did 210 miles in April.

I will be a founder with a fellow wheelchair user to have adapted events at the UEA Sportspark for disabled people which will happen in the next few years.

I've lost 2 stones.

I'm making change in the disabled community and inspiring disabled and abled bodied people.

And so much more!

Favourite Custom Propel Product

Absolutely love the FIST Wheelchair Gloves.

They are durable, fits like a glove should, versatile and trendy.

Amazing for wheelchair walks and can mix and match with any outfit with the number of styles available

You get protection in all the right places and made with long lasting materials.

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